Prospect Hill Academy Charter School

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Prospect Hill Academy is charged with the overall governance of the school, ensuring that (a) the school is faithful to the terms of its charter; (b) the academic program is a success; and (c) the organization is viable. Furthermore, the Board is responsible for establishing broad policy goals that align the operation of the school with its mission, providing fiduciary oversight of the school’s operations, and supporting long-range strategic planning to ensure the school’s future.

Committees of the Board of Trustees currently include Governance, Finance, Human Resources, Academic Affairs, Development, Family Engagement, and Facilities. In any given year, task forces may be created to address other strategic issues. Officers of the Board are nominated by the Governance Committee and are elected by the full Board each year.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Angela F. Allen
Head of School, Prospect Hill Academy
Member since 2015
Ex-officio member

Karlantoine Balan

General Management Apprentice at Fidelity Investments
Member Since 2011
Clerk of the Board of Trustees
Chair of the Finance Committee

Karolyn Belcher
President, Talent & Operations, TNTP
Member since 2012
Co-Chair of Board of Trustees
Co-Chair of Family Engagement Committee
Chair of Human Resources Committee
Member of Governance Committee

Matthew Brewster
Managing Associate, Next Street Financial
Member since 2016
Member of Development and Finance Committees

Laurens Goff
Co-Founder & General Partner, Stone-Goff
Member since 2015
Member of Development Committee

Susan J. Goldstein
Partner, Pressman & Kruskal
Member Since 2012
Member of Family Engagement and Governance Committees

Susan Istock Hanlon
Senior Communications Strategist, Voya Financial
Member since 2010
Member of Development and Finance Committees

Steve Haraguchi
Director, Program Design and Implementation at MIT Innovation Initiative
Member since 2015
Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee

Jeffrey R. Kushner

Senior Advisor
Member Since 2015
Co-Chair of Board of Trustees
Chair of Development Committee
Member of Governance and Finance Committees

Trecia Reavis
Co-Founder and Executive Director at Eartheaded Customer Solutions
Member since 2010
Co-Chair of the Family Engagement Committee
Member of Governance Committee

Justin Roberts
Vice President, Thomas H. Lee Partners
Member since 2008
Member of Finance Committee

Marc Saunders
Director of Education and Training, Boston Partners in Education, Inc.
Member Since 2015
Vice Chair of Board of Trustees
Member of Academic Affairs and Family Engagement Committees

Alan Steinert Jr.
Member since 2010
Treasurer of the Board of Trustees
Chair of Governance Committee
Member of the Finance Committee

Jeffrey Vogel
Project Manager, SchoolWorks
Member since 2015
Member of Academic Affairs Committee