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Family Engagement at PHA

“ Research shows that actively involved parents/family members in schools are likely to improve a child’s academic achievement.”

PHA honors the many family members (mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older sisters, brothers, etc.) who support and nurture our students both at home and as volunteers at the school. PHA family members are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer and take on leadership roles. We will continue to offer family programs and services throughout the year. Prospect Hill Academy is a community that strives to support our student's achievement and development by building connectedness among students, their families and the school community. We work toward honoring our families cultural differences, building authentic relationships with families and restoring vital connections among the school, home and the broader community which PHA resides. Please see the informational chart below for details on our family leadership positions and how to get involved. 


Meet Your Campus Family Ambassadors (CFA) and

Family Advisory Board Leaders (FAB)

2016-2017 School Year



Family Leaders

Early Childhood

Angie Surpris, CFA,

In Paik, FAB Leader,

Upper Elementary

Maria Garcia, CFA,

We are currently looking for a FAB Chair at the UE campus. Please contact Courtenay O'Connor at if you are interested.

Upper School

Teresa Ricoy,CFA,

Anne Baldwin Beckmann, FAB Chair

Collegiate Institute

Juana Rivera-Triviño, CFA,

Anne Baldwin Beckmann, FAB Chair