Prospect Hill Academy Charter School

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Lippard Innovation Fund for Teaching (LIFT)

Igniting Curiosity and Passion for Learning

Join us in celebrating PHA’s legacy of innovation shepherded by long-time Head of School, Jed F. Lippard, and help us continue to ignite curiosity and passion for learning in our students.

Taking Innovation to the Next Level With LIFT

The LIFT fund was established to ensure the sustainability of innovative programs such as Prospect Fellows and Junior Journey and to seed new, rigorous, intentional, and innovative learning initiatives sponsored by teachers and academic leaders.
While the possibilities for LIFT are endless, here are a few examples that are generating excitement:
  • The 7th grade science teacher aspires to take students to a working farm for a week to explore concepts in environmental science, nutrition, sustainability, and climate change
  • The performing arts teacher dreams of partnering with neighboring ImprovBoston to have students perform alongside accomplished actors in a professional theater
  • Early Childhood teachers wish to partner with Union Square, Somerville developers to create a public art installation while participating in urban redevelopment
  • The Collegiate Institute computer science instructor envisions partnering with MIT experts to establish a coding academy for PHA students to learn about, design, and launch their own apps
  • Upper Elementary leaders seek to partner with Tufts professors to pilot a series of student-led climate change studies at the Mystic River Watershed and the Middlesex Fells Reservation
All of these initiatives come with a cost, but the educational benefits for PHA students and teachers are beyond measure.
For this, we ask you to SUPPORT THE LIFT FUND.