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Dear PHA Friends and Community Members,
Did you know that every year more than 95% of Prospect Hill Academy students attend college upon graduation? Even more significant, we far exceed the matriculation rate for students of color, low income, and first generation college-goers.

While I am very proud of our extraordinary diverse alumni and their many vast accomplishments, I am also worried that not all of them will complete college. Given the brutal economic reality faced by our students who drop out (insurmountable college loans, inaccessible career-paths jobs which cause most to remain stuck in the cycle of poverty), I ask myself every day: What can we do better to ensure our alumni stay in and graduate from college? How can we better secure their futures as engaged and successful members of the workforce and their communities?

This is where I need your support. We, at PHA, have proven over and over again that we can get our students into college. Our collective responsibility now is to ensure we do everything we can to prepare them to succeed in college, career, and beyond.

My team and I have worked hard to understand what it takes for our students to meet the challenges they will face in college. From Kindergarten to 12th grade, we have implemented a range of innovative learning opportunities to instill in our students the academic knowledge and skills and the social and emotional competencies necessary to persist through college, enter their careers, and become responsible citizens in our community.

I’d like to share just a few examples of what happens at PHA in one day:
  • Sophie in Kindergarten is learning about the emotional meaning of “to be assertive” and how to build positive relationships with her peers during a Second Step Social and Emotional Learning class. In the afternoon, she participates in a hands-on engineering workshop on the forces involved in bridge building taught by instructors from the Museum of Science.
  • Nashra in 4th grade is reviewing her packing list for the upcoming overnight Nature’s Classroom trip to explore nature and environmental conservation before engaging in a Mindfulness class to learn breathing strategies to stay calm during stressful times in school and at home.
  • 8th graders Karim and Jonah participate in a Restorative Circle with their parents and teachers to amend an earlier conflict and repair their relationship to ensure they are ready to reenter the classroom community without further behavior interventions.
  • Lukas in 10th grade is designing an adventure game app as he learns to code in his computer science class, after he had engaged in a self-awareness exercise during Sankofa, a positive social and emotional strength-building program for boys of color.
  • Senior Nicole, in her college-level Socratic seminar on Race, Power, and Privilege, is working on her digital, interdisciplinary, multi-year portfolio project – an innovative authentic assessment system proposed and led by a group of teachers and funded by LIFT, the Lippard Innovation Fund for Teaching. 

As you can see, we are doing so much to prepare our students and we are continuously working on expanding our innovative learning opportunities. Please make a contribution today to ensure the sustainability and growth of these college success initiatives. The brightness of our students’ future depends on your generosity.


Angela F. Allen, Ph.D.
Head of School

PS: Your contribution today will make a difference and help us prepare our students to persist through college and into successful careers and rewarding and fulfilling lives.


Angela F. Allen
Karlantoine Balan
Karolyn Belcher
Matthew Brewster
Laurens Goff
Susan J. Goldstein
Susan Istock Hanlon
Steve Haraguchi
Jeffrey R. Kushner
Trecia Reavis
Justin Roberts
Marc Saunders
Alan Steinert, Jr.
Jeffrey Vogel


Since 2009, PHA has received six silver and one gold medal from U.S. News & World Report in its annual “Best High Schools” ranking, placing us in the top 4% of all U.S. high schools.

This year, PHA's Director of College Counseling was one of six recipients and the only high school professional to win the New England Association for College Admission Counseling (NEACAC) Professional of the Year Award.

In February, The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) honored four PHA students (out of only 51 winners statewide) and one teacher (the only educator from MA).