Nakia Marcelino

New PHA Parent and PHA Class of 2002 Alum

Nakia Marcelino and her daughter
What year and grade did you start at PHA?
I started 7th grade at the school's inception in 1996.

What was your experience like as a student at PHA?
My experience was so unique! The school started with grades K-8, adding a year as we all advanced. I met so many amazing teachers and administrators that were learning right along with us to navigate the new world of charter school education. The small classes paved the way for an intimate learning experience that ultimately helped us all create a new family that remains in contact to this day.

What is your favorite PHA memory?
Student Life! I was very integrated in the student life organization; it gave us the power to organize and execute events throughout the year for student morale. I ended my time as the head of community service and am very proud of what we were all able to accomplish over the years. There are so many components of my education that cultivated advanced critical thinking, a love for helping others, and a great vocabulary (haha!).
Why did you choose to send your daughter to PHA?
I made the decision late not really knowing where to send Anika (pictured above with Nakia). I knew I wanted it to be a Charter School and when it came down to it I figured, why not? These are scary and challenging times we are all in and the idea of Anika being able to benefit from where I came from is a blessing. Not to mention the various advancements and accomplishments the school has garnered over the years.
What have you been up to since graduating from PHA?
I was accepted into Wheelock College and completed a year there after graduation in 2002. I then served as a member of the 15th anniversary 2003-04 City Year AmeriCorps school year. After that, I worked for PHA in the lunchroom and as an after school team leader the year after that. Since then, I have built about 14 years of customer service experience in various settings ranging from health care to finance. Currently, I am a stay at home mom of two little girls, while also helping their father run a small multi-service business. When my smallest gets into PHA, I will be furthering my education in order to grow our independent business. Long term goals include being an attorney and advocate.
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