Young Professional Advisory Board (YPAB)

The Young Professional Advisory Board (YPAB) is a group of emerging Boston-area leaders and early career professionals dedicated to enhancing the school's mission of preparing each student for success in college, inspiring a lifelong love of learning, and fostering responsible citizenship. The YPABs serve as ambassadors of PHA, representing the school in their respective communities, networking on behalf of the school, volunteering at the school, and bringing monetary and in-kind resources to the school.
YPAB Member Benefits:
  • Engage firsthand with PHA students and families
  • Mentorship from PHA governing board
  • Gain an awesome peer network of fellow volunteers
  • Opportunity to run effective fundraising events
  • Recognition including your name and title listed on our web & marketing materials
To learn more, email Anja Bresler at [email protected].

Members of the Young Professional Advisory Board:

  • PJ Fallon, Co-chair
  • Katiana (KJ) Jolimeau, Co-Chair
  • Nana Agyeman
  • Jessenia Alvarez
  • Rae Hamilton, PHA Class of 2011
  • Andrew Manz-Siek, PHA Class of 2009
  • Jackson Manz-Siek, PHA Class of 2014
  • Alexandria C. Onuoha, PHA Class of 2016
  • Priscilla Ribeiro
  • Kirby Valentin, PHA Class of 2010