Alumni Teacher Profiles

At Prospect Hill Academy, our mission is to prepare each student for success in college, inspire a lifelong love of learning, and foster responsible citizenship. We deliver on our mission, and some of our former students have returned home to their Alma Mater to teach the next generation of PHA students. Read about their experiences from K to College, to classroom.

Elijah Adamson, '06
Journalism Teacher, High School & Collegiate Institute Campus

Elijah Adamson graduated from Prospect Hill Academy (PHA) in 2006, and went on to obtain a Bachelor's degree from Boston University. He is currently the Journalism teacher at our High School and Collegiate Institute. Elijah loves the energy and environment at PHA, which is largely what drew him back to teach at his Alma Mater.
While reflecting on a PHA teacher that had a great impact on his life, his then Spanish teacher, Ms. Douglas, stood out. "She always challenged me to do more than I thought I could." Elijah noted that he has been afforded a lot of opportunities in his career, and being able to speak Spanish is a big reason why. Ms. Douglas is now the principal of our High School and Collegiate Institute and Elijah loves working alongside her and continuing to learn from her.
Elijah Adamson

"As old as I am, I never stopped being a student. I take pride in my curiosity and love of learning, and I know that PHA played a big role in that."


Isabelle Milanesi, '09
5th Grade Teacher, Upper Elementary Campus

Isabelle Milanesi is a 5th grade teacher and graduate of the PHA class of 2009. Isabelle graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2013, and returned to PHA as a Prospect Fellow. As a student at PHA, Isabelle enjoyed seeing her elementary school teachers rise into leadership positions by the time she entered High School. This led Isabelle to return to PHA to train to become a teacher and impact students in the way that her own PHA teachers did.
Isabelle has been at PHA for six years and loves building relationships with students and families. "I love knowing the older family members of my students from when I was a student at PHA." This summer Isabelle is teaching summer school and planning the 10 year reunion for the PHA class of 2009, the first class of "lifers," students that entered PHA in Kindergarten.
Isabelle Milanesi

"PHA has inspired a lifelong love of learning for me as a student, and now as a teacher." 


Galland Francois, '10
Special Education Associate Teacher, Upper Elementary Campus

Galland Francois graduated from PHA in 2010. After graduating from Gordon College in 2014, Galland returned to PHA to teach because he "wanted a chance to better prepare the next generation of kids for a successful life in college and help bridge the education gap." Galland has now completed the Prospect Fellows teacher training program and will be a Special Education Associate teacher at the Upper Elementary Campus in the fall.
During his time as a student at PHA, Galland received incredible support from the College Counseling department. "My college counselor was a great role model for me during my high school years at PHA. He helped me prepare for what life was going to be like as a college student. This inspiration for a lifelong love of learning has inspired me to go out and get my Master's degree in Education from Boston University, so that I am better prepared to teach my students."
Galland Francois

"I enjoy being a role model for these kids which is important because I used to be in their shoes."