Prospect Hill Academy Charter School

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Family Leadership

2017-2018 School Year Campus Family Ambassadors (CFA) and 

Family Advisory Board (FAB) Leaders 



  Family Leaders


   Early Childhood

   Grades K-3


  CFA: Angie Surpris,

  FAB Chair: In Paik,


  Upper Elementary

  Grades 4-6


  CFA: Maria Garcia,



  Middle School

  Grades 7-8


  7-12 FAB Chair: Anne Baldwin Beckmann,



  High School &
  Collegiate Institute

  Grades 9-12

  CFA: Juana Rivera-TriviƱo,

  7-12 FAB Chair: Anne Baldwin Beckmann,



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CFA?
CFA stands for Campus Family Ambassador. Each PHA campus has one CFA. The CFA acts as a support person for family initiatives at the campus level. The CFA helps families by coordinating family volunteers,organizing family events, and working with the Campus Family Engagement Team. CFAs also help plan the Fall Family Festival, International Night, and the PHA Annual Family Leadership Summit.
What is the FAB?
The Family Advisory Board (FAB) is PHA's version of a PTA. The FAB is a group of families who work together to plan events, advocate for their needs, and support each other.
What does the FAB do?
The FAB holds breakfast or dinner meetings once a month. The FAB creates, organizes, and promotes events, informative and community-building activities,and generally encourages families to get involved. The FAB generates enrichment proposals for their respective campuses.
What is the FAB Chair?
The FAB Chair is the leader of the FAB. The FAB Chair acts as a liaison between families and administration, plans and runs the monthly FAB meetings, and helps organize enrichment opportunities and fundraising initiatives.
What is the FACE Coordinator?
FACE stands for Family and Community Engagement. Our FACE Coordinators work together with the FAB Chair, the FAB, and the CFA to foster partnerships with families and community members. FACE coordinators plan enrichment programs, and apply to grants for enrichment opportunities such as field trips and assemblies. FACE Coordinators are also responsible for planning K-12 Family events such as the Fall Family Festival and International Night.
I want to get involved. What do I do?
PHA families are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer and take on leadership roles. If you are interested in learning more about PHA's family engagement programs, contact Courtenay O'Connor.