Advisory Program

Studies clearly show that students who are well known by at least one adult at their school perform better academically and socially, and that students’ feelings of connectedness to the school community is an important factor in student engagement and achievement. To this end, the High School Advisory Program is designed to fulfill the following functions:
  • Academic Advising - monitor student progress, discuss performance with students and parents, and build upon habits of effective learning
  • Advocacy - facilitate home-school and student-teacher communication
  • Community and Relationship Building – facilitate restorative community building circles and enhance relationships with peers and adults
  • Social Emotional and College Readiness Skills- teach social emotional and college readiness skills through the advisory curriculum and the circle process
Advisory groups comprise 10 to 13 students and one teacher advisor. High School Advisory groups meet three times per week for 30-40 minutes per meeting. Students are invited to join the Student Advisory Council to offer student voice to curriculum.