Matthew Koslowski

Education: Mr. Koslowski earned a bachelor’s degree in Art History and the Humanities from Ohio Wesleyan University. He also earned a master’s degree in teaching in English and Special Education from Northeastern University.

Previous Work Experience: Mr. Koslowski wasn’t always a teacher. He worked as a banker in Chicago, IL, and Newton, MA, before becoming a teacher. Prior to coming to PHA, he taught 10th and 12th grade at Braintree High School; 8th grade at Thurgood Marshall Middle School in Lynn; and, 9th and 11th grade at Somerville High School.

Hobbies and Interests: Mr. Koslowski is an unabashed nerd. He loves to read comic books and watch superhero movies. He’s a fan of the Star Wars movies (except for the prequels). His other interests include art and art history, poetry, and sailing.

Why did you choose to work at Prospect Hill Academy?: "I am really excited to have the opportunity to join PHA because of their commitment to citizenship, restorative justice practices, social-emotional learning, and academic excellence. I appreciate PHA’s unapologetic college prep stance because going to college is vital to living a good life. I’m excited to help students reach their potential socially, emotionally, and academically."