Michelle Barrios

Education: Tufts University Bachelors in History and MAT

Previous work experience: For 7 years I worked closely with art dealers, collectors, and galleries as I oversaw all operations for my family’s picture framing business. Although having the opportunity to handle fine art was a unique experience I decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in history, and a career in education. I spent the 2018-2019 school year working in the history and special education department in a greater Boston public school as a student teacher. And this year will begin my career with Prospect Hill Academy.

Hobbies and interests: As a mother of two, there isn’t often much time for hobbies. However, aside from spending time with my immediate and extended family (I have LOTS of cousins), I like to watch historical documentaries, and research my friends’ and family’s genealogy.

Why did you choose to work at Prospect Hill Academy?: I believe that education is the key to creating a world in which equality can truly exist. When seeking out a home to begin my career as an educator, Prospect Hill Academy’s mission to “prepare each student for success in college, inspire a lifelong love of learning, and foster responsible citizenship,” stuck out to me. I find that this mission to give students access to opportunities and tools that they can use throughout their lives lined up with the reasons I became an educator. I believe students succeed when they are able to access not only knowledge about the subjects taught, but also the skills to navigate the challenges college and daily life may present. As an educator at PHA, I hope to continue to build my skills as an educator and contribute to the progress of all of our students.