Nicole Penn

Education: Syracuse University (Undergraduate); Northeastern University (Graduate)
Previous work experience: Ms. Penn has worked with Kindergarten for 5 years and looks forward to teaching 1st Grade! Ms. Penn recently worked at an amazing charter school in San Francisco, California that has many overlapping ideals with PHA. She worked 2 years in Natick, Massachusetts and 3 years in California. Ms. Penn hopes to take all that she has learned in education thus far and bring it to the students, families, faculty and staff at PHA!
Hobbies and interests: Ms. Penn's hobbies include anything outdoors, spending time with family and friends, remaining as active as possible, and food! She will try just about any new food and enjoy exploring new restaurants around the city.
Why did you choose to work at Prospect Hill Academy?: "There are many reasons I chose Prospect Hill Academy. There are an abundance of characteristics that align with my most recent school that I love. I feel a sense of community even before my first day! The focus on racial equity, culturally responsive teaching, and teaching to the whole child are aspects of PHA that excite and inspire me. I was referred to PHA by Dr. Pat Kelly, and the way she spoke so highly about the dedication of the faculty and staff made it clear PHA was going to be my next home. I cannot wait to get started and look forward to an incredible, fun, and unique school year!"