Jack O'Brien

University of Massachusetts – Amherst, Bachelor of Science

Previous Experience: Before coming to Prospect Hill Academy, Mr. O’Brien worked in the private sector for approximately 15 years. He also taught physical education for 2 years in the Acton/Boxboro Regional Public Schools and 3 years in the Rockland Public School systems.

Hobbies & Interests: Mr. O’Brien founded the Massachusetts Charter School Athletic Organization (MCSAO) which is now the governing body for charter school interscholastic sports in the state of Massachusetts. When he’s not working at PHA, he enjoys spending his spare time with his family.

Why did you choose to work at Prospect Hill Academy?: “PHA has allowed me to pursue my passion in life and affords me the opportunity to teach towards excellence and encourage high ideological standards. This in turn provides students opportunities to explore their potential and hopefully come to understand the intrinsic values that physical education/athletics has to offer. Although learning different skills and fitness constitute a major portion of the curriculum, the main objective will always be for our pupils to enjoy physical activity. By keeping interest levels at a high point and creating successful learning experiences for them, students will grow to understand and be motivated to take physical education out of the classroom with them and value it for lifetime participation.”