The Student Experience

Costa Rica

Through a partnership with Global Leadership Adventures students travel to Rancho Quemado, a small settlement in the remote Osa Peninsula. Students aid the community with refurbishment projects to help build a sustainable eco-tourism industry. Community projects in Rancho Quemado include the inventorying and monitoring of animals and their habitats, review of flora, painting buildings, etc.

On Community in Costa Rica:
"Costa Rica has changed my views on what community truly means, what conservation can look like, and how we, as people, can be more respectful and kind to one other. The atmosphere in Rancho Quemado was so peaceful and it made me want to reciprocate their ways in my own community". -Beza


This long-standing Junior Journey program integrates Spanish language instruction, cultural immersion, and community service learning. The program combines four hours of daily one-on-one Spanish language instruction, home stays with local families, and community service learning in an environment where each student can have a long-lasting impact on the people they serve.
About Adopting Positivity in Guatemala:
"There were many aspects of the trip that I was not comfortable with. The idea that I had to brush my teeth with bottled water instead of the tap because of the chance of parasites... giant mosquitoes, ticks, [and] unfamiliar food...were all things I initially had complaints about. At first, my negative attitude prohibited any chance of personal growth for both myself and my peers, and it was not until my lessons with the school children, that I was able to overcome this hurdle by adopting a positive attitude." -Wiener
Puerto Rico
Recovery efforts are still underway in Puerto Rico after homes were devastated by Hurricane Maria. Students are an active part in the recovery effort, helping to rebuild homes that were destroyed by natural disaster. Additionally, students experience the rich and exciting culture of PR through music, language, and of course food.
Impacts of Hurricane Relief Service Learning:
“I enjoyed the feeling of getting my hands dirty to help someone who needs it. Construction isn’t a field I want to pursue, but the satisfaction I got from helping build a home for a family like mine gives me encouragement for the future.”-Ishaan


During this outdoor leadership focused trip, students are exposed the beauty and tranquility of the Green Mountain State. Over the course of the week, students camp, hike, and kayak in the Vermont wilderness. In addition to fun outdoor activities, students participate in local community service projects.
Learning About Food Justice in Vermont:
“After engaging in laborious work at the farm, I realized the importance of knowing where my food comes from. It permits me the choice of determining what I put into my body so that I have a balanced diet". -Gary