Prospect Fellows

Prospect Fellow with PHA studentsProspect Fellows is a 14-month teacher residency at Prospect Hill Academy Charter School, in partnership with Boston University’s School of Education.


Prospect Fellows provides PHA students with excellent teachers by preparing aspiring educators from underrepresented backgrounds to implement rigorous, relevant, and restorative instructional practices.

Why Prospect Fellows

Prospect Fellows is a small, intentional teacher education program that provides participants with the skills they need to implement rigorous, data-driven curriculum in an engaging and restorative learning environment. Our unique focus on restorative rather than punitive discipline practices give teachers and students tools to build healthy communities, develop social-emotional skills, repair harm, and restore relationships.

Being a Prospect Fellow is an immersive experience. The 14-month residency includes year-round, full-time student teaching in an experienced supervising teacher’s classroom, along with graduate coursework at Boston University’s School of Education, resulting in licensure in a variety of areas and an optional Masters in Education.

Who Prospect Fellows Are

Aspiring educators who...
  • Want to start a career teaching underserved students
  • Believe in educational equity as social justice
  • Possess a growth mindset and value feedback
  • Hold a Bachelor’s Degree and a strong academic record
  • Come from backgrounds similar to PHA’s students
  • Have strong professional and organizational skills
  • Can manage a full schedule with many competing priorities

What Prospect Fellows Do

The residency begins with a four-week Summer Institute. During Summer Institute, Fellows get a detailed introduction to life at PHA, including restorative practices, culturally responsive pedagogy, and the basics of classroom management and curriculum design. Once the school year begins, each Fellow is matched with an experienced supervising teacher. Fellows start the year with extensive, targeted observations of teachers across grade levels and subject areas before settling into their supervising teacher’s classroom full-time.

Supervising teachers work closely with the Prospect Fellows Program Coordinator to design a gradual release of responsibility to the Fellow, culminating in the Fellow taking on the lead teaching role in 50% of the supervising teacher’s courses. Supervising teachers provide frequent, targeted feedback to Fellows and track Fellows’ growth in a set of research-proven teaching competencies. Fellows also provide academic and social-emotional support to students throughout the day by supervising lunch, recess, and after-school programming.
As the final piece of the residency, Fellows participate in PHA’s summer school, where they get to practice the skills they have developed by leading their own classroom.
Throughout the program, Fellows take courses to complete their licensure at Boston University, with the option of continued coursework to complete a Master’s of Education.

We strive to make Prospect Fellows affordable for all accepted applicants. Each Fellow receives a $23,000 stipend, a 33% tuition scholarship at BU, access to low-cost health benefits, and a package of perks that significantly reduces day-to-day costs. Each Fellow receives individualized financial counseling to create a sustainable plan for the year that includes living costs, tuition, and options for financial aid.
Contact Sarah Wahl, Associate Director of Teacher Development, at with any questions.

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