PHA Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Program

Each week, our PreK to grade 3 students get to taste at least two different fruits or vegetables. Every tasting is accompanied by a video or fact sheet about that days’ produce. So far our students have tried husk cherries, miniature bell peppers, multi-colored cherry tomatoes, watermelon, arugula, and more and their feedback is overwhelmingly positive. In addition, parents report that their children are talking about the benefits of fruits and vegetable at home. 
Introducing children to a wide variety of healthy, nutritious foods can go a long way in building habits for a healthier life. With the help of federal and private grants, we were able to update our kitchen, purchase equipment, and can procure fruits and vegetables for the year. Pending future funding, we hope to expand this program to our other campuses. 
To further expand access to fresh foods, we are partnering with Food for Free to host a monthly community market at our school where parents are invited pick from a nutritious selection of produce at no cost to them.