Head of School Response to Recent Events & Anti-Racism Resources

Dear PHAmily,


June 2, 2020


PHA students and HoS at COSEBOC conference

On the heels of the protests sweeping the nation, I felt compelled to reach out to all PHA families to affirm our collective commitment to justice and equality. Like many of you, I watched footage of George Floyd’s gruesome murder at the hands of police with both horror, and an eerie sense of familiarity. This is yet another reminder of how deeply ingrained racism and oppression are in our society; but it also presents an opportunity for our school community to demonstrate the depth of its commitment to peace and fairness, even in the face of truly difficult circumstances.

Undeniably, racism is the greatest threat to our country, our states and our communities. As we’ve seen evidenced in the last 7 days in this country, racism cuts to the core of who we are and what we believe in. In our restorative school community at Prospect Hill Academy Charter School, we are a uniquely diverse community of belongingness and inclusiveness. While we embrace and build upon the collective strength of our differences, we fiercely reject racism, bigotry, and hate.

Our school community, our PHAmily:

  1. Is an inclusive & restorative practices school that allows our students to BREATHE while balancing high expectations, high accountability and high support for them.
  2. Respectfully and openly grapple with the issues of racism in our own institution.
  3. Lean into our own learning to continually pursue our cultural proficiency and our journeys to becoming antiracists.
  4. Eliminate structural and systemic barriers that prevent access to an equitable, excellent education for our black and brown students.
These are the values that define PHA and that I articulated in this HoS Current Events Response Letter that I shared with faculty and staff last Friday.   In the days, weeks and months ahead, we will continue to rely on these values to guide students through the difficult moments to come and to ensure their voices remain heard. This week, we will also post several online resources to the PHA website to help families engage children in age appropriate explorations of this very difficult subject matter.  I hope that you and your family are remaining safe, secure and encouraged, and I welcome your input on additional ways we can help you navigate this unfortunate moment in American history.

At PHA, our students will always be our most valuable asset; our families will always be our most critical partners; and a shared vision of a better tomorrow will remain our most tightly held aspiration.  Together, we will find our way through these challenging yet hopeful life changing times.

Angela Allen signature
Angela F. Allen, Ph.D.
Head of School/CEO 

Anti-racism Resources

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