Our Anti-Racist, Inclusive Community

In our restorative school community at Prospect Hill Academy, we are a uniquely diverse community of belongingness and inclusiveness. While we embrace and build upon the collective strength of our differences, we fiercely reject racism, bigotry, and hate.


Our school community, our PHAmily:

  1. Is an inclusive and restorative practices school that allows our students to BREATHE while balancing high expectations, high accountability and high support for them.
  2. Respectfully and openly grapple with the issues of racism in our own institution.
  3. Lean into our own learning to continually pursue our cultural proficiency and our journeys to becoming antiracists.
  4. Eliminate structural and systemic barriers that prevent access to an equitable, excellent education for our black and brown students.

Anti-Racism Resources

How to talk to your children about racism


Anti-Racist Book List

Resources recommended by the Boys & Girls Club

Resources recommended by the YWCA of Cambridge