THRIVE school marketPHA THRIVE is a volunteer-led food security program run by Prospect Hill Academy parents, staff and friends in partnership with Food For Free to provide supplemental food to students who do not have regular access to food during weekends and school breaks.
THIS YEAR, our program has CHANGED from a weekend snack bag program to a grocery cash card program, called the Carrot Card Program. This program can provide families with $25 per kid loaded onto their “carrot card” monthly to use for food expenses. This program will allow families the flexibility of choice, location, and timing when it comes to feeding their children. Families can register any time during the school year and cards are active during school months. Please contact In Paik at  [email protected] or 716-202-0301 to learn how you can sign up for a Carrot Card. 
PHA THRIVE also supports the following programs:
  • THRIVE SCHOOL MARKETS: Last Tuesday Every Month from September to May at the Upper Elementary School Yard.
    School markets look like farmers’ markets and function like food pantries but they’re free and open to the whole community. These markets are part of our efforts to meet people where they are, and we make it easy for families to pick up healthy nutritious food during their usual schedules picking up their kids from school. School markets are collaborations between Food For Free and PHA.

  • THRIVE THURSDAY DINNERS: Third Thursday Every Month from November to March. Our first one is Nov. 16 at 5:30-7:00 PM at the Early Childhood Campus.
    Thrive Thursday community dinners offer families a night off from racing home at the end of a busy day to prepare a family meal. Instead, families get to relax among friends over a warm meal prepared by someone else. Thrive family volunteers also aim to provide a family activity each month to enjoy during dinner. Thrive Thursdays remind us that we are all enriched by working together and supporting one another. And what better way to come together than around food?