Alumni Support at PHA

Welcome, alumni!

PHA has expanded its College Counseling program to assist alumni in successfully transitioning to and through college. PHA’s College Success program is designed to ensure that our graduates succeed in their respective post-secondary endeavors, with the goal of improving college persistence and completion.
The program provides guidance to alumni in some of the following ways:
  • Check-ins via email, text, phone, and Facebook
  • Campus visits & alumni events
  • Workshops and individual meetings

PHA has partnered with SignalVine, an individualized two-way text messaging platform, to effectively communicate with alumni. The College Success program contacts alumni several times throughout the year to communicate financial aid deadlines, connect students with resources, and also offer support for social-emotional needs during the transition to college. The goal of this work is to ensure students feel supported after they leave PHA, and to increase persistence.

Contact Us

PHA’s College Success program is staffed by the Director of College Counseling, Erin McElligott, who is available to support alumni with post-secondary pursuits and challenges.

Erin McElligott
Director of College Counseling

Quick Links

  • College students must renew each year
  • Available October 1st (check college website for specific deadlines)
Student Loans Website
  • Must submit required student loan paperwork in order to take out loans
  • Keep track of lender information through this site
Scholarship Database