Karen Aubourg

PHA Class of 2014
Undergraduate and/or graduate school and degree: Haverford College '18 -- English Major, Educational Studies Minor (graduated cum laude)
Previous Work Experience: Over the summer, I served as a Student Support Coordinator at the WPS College Transition Program in Newton, MA. I loved supporting students academically and social-emotionally as they made the transition to college! I also have experience as a classroom teacher and debate coach.
Hobbies and Interests: Exercise and cooking! I enjoy experimenting with new recipes.
Why did you choose to return to work at Prospect Hill Academy?: I love the community. PHA felt like family while I was there - I hope my connections with alumni can help them feel connected to the PHA community.
What are you most excited about in your new role?: I'm just so excited to be an encouraging, reliable person that alumni can reach out to as they go about their postsecondary journeys. Looking forward to it!