Victoria Ellis

Education: Salem State College, Bachelor of Arts
Previous experience: Before joining the staff at PHA, Ms. Ellis worked for 11 years with non-profit preservation/conservation institutions, providing photographic & digital services to rare book libraries, museums and the like. Prior to that, Ms. Ellis worked for many years in the commercial photo lab industry, at just about every job possible, at one time or another!
Hobbies and interests: First and foremost, Ms. Ellis spends as much of her free time as possible hanging out with her incredible daughter. She also enjoys traveling, photography, going to cultural events & institutions, knitting, baking, music from a wide variety of genre (heartily recommending "Backwoods" on WMBR as a Saturday Morning soundtrack!) and spending time with good friends and her nutty family.
Why do you choose to work at PHA?: "When it came time for a career change, I made a point of casting the net wide and staying open to positions in fields of all kinds. When I heard about a position open at PHA and did some research, I was truly impressed with the tremendous thought, caring, clarity and passion that goes into making the school's stated mission a reality. I'm delighted to be part of the PHA community and very appreciative of this opportunity to work with such professional and dedicated people."