Michael O'Donnell

Education: Trinity College, Bachelor of Arts; Georgetown University, Master of Arts; Boston University, Master of Business Administration

Previous experience: Before coming to Prospect Hill Academy, Mr. O’Donnell spent several years each in banking, international credit analysis, travel planning for a tour operator, and consulting for business and technology firms.

Hobbies and interests: During his time outside of work, Mr. O’Donnell enjoys spending time with his family, particularly doing activities that involve being outdoors or on the road. Much to his satisfaction, his boys share their parents’ appetite for local cultural activities and traveling to the New Hampshire, western Massachusetts, or the Adirondacks in search of cooler temperatures, lakes and beaches, snow, or any seasonal adventure.

Why did you choose to work at Prospect Hill Academy?: “I applied to work at a charter school to combine my interests in education and my background in business. While I could never have predicted that either my early interest in teaching or my later training in business administration would have brought me to Prospect Hill Academy, I can think of no place I’d rather be than working behind the scenes at building and maintaining a successful school in which students learn, teachers thrive, and the business office supports the school’s mission rather than just shuffling paperwork.”