Special Education

Prospect Hill Academy provides a wide range of academic and therapeutic services to students with identified disabilities. Through a combination of inclusion support (which takes place in the general education classroom) and specialized instruction, the Special Education staff ensures that children with learning differences have equal access to the curriculum and an opportunity to make effective progress.

The Special Education team at Prospect Hill Academy is comprised of dedicated, creative professionals who maintain high expectations for students with disabilities. Each campus team includes licensed Special Education Teachers, Associate Teachers, Special Education Aides and School Adjustment Counselors. The district also employs a full-time Occupational Therapist, Speech/Language Pathologist and School Psychologist.

Parents/Guardians of children with disabilities are encouraged to participate in the Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SPED-PAC), a parent run group which provides support, information and resources to families who share these common experiences.

At Prospect Hill Academy, we believe in setting the highest standards for all learners. By maintaining high expectations and a firm commitment to the standards set by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), the Special Education Department ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to academic programming and the opportunity to make effective progress in all aspects of school life.
Understanding the Special Education Process
Disability Information