Our Student Voices

Trinity B.

Trinity B., PHA Class of 2023

"PHA has helped me find who I truly am. It made me build character and become a leader in several communities. Without PHA and its loving community I wouldn’t be who I am today."
What I will most remember about PHA is the community I was able to build around me. I was able to be a part of multiple sports teams and learn so much about them. The debate team taught me to think outside the box. The PHA community literally has taught me what it means to be a family (PHAmily).
After graduation I am going off to college as a first gen and making my dreams come true. After finishing college I will be attending law school [to] become a lawyer."
Chineze E.

Chineze E., PHA Class of 2023

"PHA has taught me to continue trying even when I am unsure of what I am doing. This applies to my learning in the classroom but also my learning of music and basketball outside of the classroom. My math teacher this year always says “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” which is a quote my past teachers may not have directly said, but have always used to guide their teaching and mentoring of students.
When I look back at my time at PHA, I will remember the times I stayed after school long past classes ended and talked with my closest friends and favorite teachers about anything that came to our minds. Those times are when I had the greatest laughs and received the best advice.
After graduation, I am attending Columbia University in the city of New York! I am going to study applied math with a concentration in Computer Science. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I have dreams of getting my PhD in applied math and being the best data scientist I can be."
Presley S.

Presley S., PHA Class of 2024

"As someone who has been at PHA since kindergarten, PHA has provided me with a safe space to make mistakes. In the classroom, I always feel encouraged to discuss and interact with my peer's thoughts. This classroom structure is especially helpful, because it prepares me for college, as someone who is college bound!

My favorite opportunity at PHA is volunteering at STEAM Saturday. STEAM Saturday is an educational program for PHA students from K-8, with many high school volunteers. As a result, I get to give back to my community by helping students learn!"
Shania J.L.

Shania J.L., PHA Class of 2023

"PHA has helped me by  providing resources and support for college applications and financial aid. Our guidance college counselors have assisted me with filling out my first college application, and writing my college essay. They also have provided information and assistance with securing scholarships, and grants. Lastly PHA has facilitated meetings with alumni allowing me to learn about their experiences. These connections and insights helped me make informed decisions on what to look for in a school and also stand out during the application process.
One thing I will remember most about my time at PHA is OST which is an after school program PHA held when I was in upper elementary. I was able to get help on my homework before heading home and also get to go on numerous field trips. I will also remember my trip to Puerto Rico through PHA’s Junior Journey program. We helped build houses in the local community with the hurricane relief services in Puerto Rico.
After graduation I plan to further my education by majoring in criminal justice and hope to make a positive impact on my community by working towards social justice."
Adrine P.

Adrine P., PHA Class of 2024

"I may not have realized when I first came, but PHA's tight-knit community is something I deeply value. It got me to know everyone in my grade and many above and below me. Because of the compact community, I know many of my teachers well; likewise, they know me too. If I ever need help with an assignment, I will always be encouraged to get peer feedback or could visit the teachers' office hours to get help.
Easily some of my favorite memories and experiences have been with PHA athletics. I've spent my entire middle and high school with all of the sports teams. Especially when I was younger, I met the upperclassman at practice, later became friends, and had classes with them in school. The final season with the seniors makes me realize how much of a family we have become."