Wizard Period/Advisory

PHA’s Middle School Wizard Period or Advisory Program is not a separate program, but instead a systems change that brings students, school staff, parents, and the community together to improve each student’s educational experience by connecting academic rigor, strong relationships and social-emotional learning together.

Each student will have an adult advisor who takes an interest in the student’s successful learning and personal growth. Advisors also aide in the development of life skills include leadership, teamwork, ethics, accountability, adaptability, personal productivity, personal responsibility, people skills, self-direction, and social responsibility.
Wizard Period Goals:
  • Provide a consistent adult to connect with your middle and high school student
  • Help all students with their academic, college and personal/social planning
  • Provide a positive and safe school climate
  • Help your student feel connected to the school community
  • Provide a team of adults who encourage each student to progress and achieve success
  • Provide consistent standards for academic career and personal/social development
The Wizard Period is designed to help your child:
  • Be more satisfied with the school experience
  • Improve attendance at school
  • Have fewer behavior problems at school
  • Increase achievement (measured by grades)
  • Get along better with others
  • Understand options for what to do after graduation
  • Become better prepared to enter High School